Weekly Chimes Pentecost, May 15


Celebrating 170 Years of Faithfulness in Christ

April  24, 2016

This Sunday a Family Friendly Service is held at 10am.  Those attending will participate in an “Instructed Eucharist” which explains why and how things happen during Holy Communion. 

Please help us keep our list up-to-date.  Email any changes to Father Al.
Also, invite your friends to receive the Electronic Chimes.
Email Father Al at Fralan@verizon.net

Outreach Breakfast
Outreach Fundraiser Breakfast,
Sunday 24, 2016 in the Parish House. 

Start time is 9:00 am.

Tickets are $8.00 for adults, $4.00 for children age 10 and under; children under 3 are free.

Baskets will also be raffled off. Tickets are 1 ticket for $1.00 or 10 tickets for $5.00.

For tickets please purchase after church or call Marsha Gauthier at 774-319-0605.

Those serving this Sunday  

Lay Eucharistic Minister:
Sue Pavao (8:00) Sue Carvalho (10:00)
Lectors: Bruce Simbro,  Church School 

Acolyte: Charlie Oliver (8:00)

Greeters: Pauline Doane (8:00) Carl &Ted Yates (10:00) 

Altar Guild: Cathy Hague

Counters: Sue & Steve Carvalho

In our Prayers
Let us pray for those who are ill, troubled, or in any need or adversity: Ellen Mockas, Brian Boutin, Tom King, Heather Oliver, Janice & Bill Turner, Lawrence Aubin Jr., Lourdes Melo, Vicki Piazza, Claire Casey, Estelle Keilty, Charles Otley, Edith Miranowicz, Lena Stafford, Raymond W. Dube, Jr., Bob MacGregor, Olive Ormerod, Susan Pritchard, Richard Gauthier, Michael Fino, Patricia Yarborough, Joyce Sokolski, Richard Casey, Daniel Casey, Richard Perkins, Kristin Frazier, Maureen W., Deborah Hooker, Melissa Davol, Missie Sokolski, Robert Odgen, Mark & Vicki Walmsley, Bruce Baldwin, Estelle Keilty, Dale Davol, and Brad Vieira.

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:
We pray for St. Andrew’s Church, Hanover; Christ Church, Harwich Port; Trinity Church, Haverhill; Church of St. John the Evangelist, Hingham; and Essex County Community Organization. 

In the Swansea Cycle of Prayer: Wepray for our brothers and sisters at first Christian Congregational Church.
Let us give thanks for birthdays and anniversaries: The Birthdays’ of Lisa Rogers, Reagan Warren, and Ariana Ahern.
We Remember those who have died in Christ: Prof. Wendell B. Pols, Franklin Gray III, Shirley (Doane)Cornell, and Dominic Imbriglio. 

Flowers have been given to the Glory of God to enhance the beauty of our worship. We Remember Especially, Jennifer Lynn Allison, and Russell & Agnes Allison, in whose memory the altar flowers have been given by Wayne Allison.

Confirmation and Installation of the New Rector

Wednesday, June 22nd at 7pm
The Right Reverend Alan M. Gates will be at Christ Church to install the Reverend Alan R. Hesse as Rector and Confirm three youth. 

If you are able to help with the reception, please contact the church office or speak with Father Al.


Baptism Offered
Pentecost Sunday,
May 15th

Contact Father Al if you are interested in having your child or grandchild baptized on the Feast of Pentecost! 

Schedule This Week 

April 24 Sunday
8:00 am Eucharist
9:00 am

10:00 am
Family Sunday –
Instructed Holy
April 26 Tuesday
6:30 pm Harvest
Festival Meeting
(Mary Case Room in
the Parish House)
April 27 Wednesday
12:00 pm Holy
Eucharist, in the
Parish House

April 21 Thursday
6:00 pm Closed
Women’s AA

April 30 Saturday
3:00 pm Ray Lynch
Auction, Parish


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