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I am sharing with you a message from the Bishops of Massachusetts:
Dear clergy of the Episcopal Dioceses of Massachusetts and Western Massachusetts,
Your bishops, together with many of you, have been deeply involved in gun violence prevention work in the Commonwealth and beyond.  Our efforts have been leveraged by close collaboration with the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, of which both our dioceses are members, as well as other partners in our respective dioceses.
The major priority for the Coalition this year has been passage of an ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Order) act, allowing family members and law enforcement personnel to seek court orders temporarily taking guns away from those who have access to guns and pose an immediate risk to themselves or others. Five other states have recently passed similar legislation in the wake of the Parkland shootings.
The excellent news is that, through hard work, the ERPO bill was voted out of committee last Friday, and will soon be voted on by the full Massachusetts House and Senate.  On Wednesday, April 25th, a letter will be delivered to key legislators documenting religious leaders’ support of the ERPO Act.  Clergy from every denomination are urged to sign on.
We, your bishops, are signing this letter, moved to action not only by the tragedy of repeated mass shootings but also by the daily trauma of gun violence in the urban areas of our Commonwealth, alarming suicide rates in our communities, and more.  We earnestly invite you to sign as well.  The text of the letter, and a link to add your name, are found below.
In these Great Fifty Days we affirm every effort to participate in the risen life of Christ.  Easter blessings to you.
The Rt. Rev. Douglas J. Fisher, Bishop, Diocese of Western Massachusetts
The Rt. Rev. Alan M. Gates, Bishop, Diocese of Massachusetts
The Rt. Rev. Gayle E. Harris, Bishop Suffragan, Diocese of Massachusetts
Massachusetts Faith Leaders Call for Gun Violence Prevention
 As faith leaders and faith-based organizations across differing traditions, we share a commitment to ensuring the safety of our communities, families, and our children.  In the wake of massacre after massacre, were we to remain silent, we would be in egregious violation of the biblical mandate to “not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor” (Lev 19:16)- a commandment that cries out from the pages of our Scripture into the public square, demanding to be heard, followed, and etched into the moral fabric of our public policy.  We refuse to stand idly by, and we ask that our elected officials demonstrate courageous leadership for our state, and  serve as models for the rest of the nation.
We call on our leaders to enact the Extreme Risk Protective Order, which would allow family members and law enforcement officials to remove guns from people who demonstrate that they pose a significant risk of doing harm to themselves or others.  This new law, which involves a court order and fully protects due process rights, will save lives.  Five states have already enacted this law, and it is pending in thirty states across the country now.
As the great civil rights faith leader Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote years ago, “the hour calls for spiritual audacity and moral grandeur.”  This hour demands that we draw upon the courage and righteous impatience of our forebears, and adopt this critical piece of legislation.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Yours in the Risen Christ,
Father Alan
From the Pews
Gun Control with teddy bears
by Sue Carvalho
Recently on Facebook there have been a few “humorous” posts about gun control. They are various cartoons showing people “defending “themselves with trivial items such as teddy bears and bunny rabbits”. The point is suppose be if we take away the rights that the 2nd amendment provides (the right to bear arms) then how are we to protect ourselves and our homes.
I don’t really know the answer to the gun debate. I do know that the majority of people involved in these shooting are troubled and angry…That’s why I propose we fight gun violence with kindness. There hasn’t been a single reporting of gun violence by someone who felt valued, cared for or treated with kindness.
Every time I see the saying “Random Acts of Kindness” I want to cross it out and put “Always be kind”. Kindness should not be random or an act……………people always know the genuineness of kindness. They say kindness doesn’t cost anything but it actuality it does. It costs us time…..time to stop and recognize those around us who could use a “teddy bear” hug or someone just to listen.  Kindness costs us to think about not what is troubling us but maybe what is troubling others? Ask yourself how I can help me fellow man. STOP that feeling of anger you feel at the person who cut you off in traffic (maybe they have a sick child in the car), STOP that feeling of anger at the person who doesn’t appreciate you (did you tell them you feel unappreciated?)
During Easter season how appropriate is it to forgive with kindness………..to remember that we each have our own voice, our own opinion and we all just want to be valued, cared for and treated with kindness.
The next  time you feel that anger welling up inside you, kill it with kindness and shoot them with teddy bears.
Outreach Breakfast!
April 22nd
9am, between the 8 and 10
Adults $8, Children 10 and under $4, 3 and under are free.
Fruit Salad
Sausage and Bacon
Coffee and Juice
For reservations; contact the Parish House Office at 508-678-0923
Christ Church

Concert Series

Michael DiMucci
An exciting concert of eclectic pieces from The American Songbook, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary/ Pop, Classical Crossover and Neapolitan Favorites.


Sunday, May 6th at 3pm


$15 prepaid, 18$ at the door
For a prepaid ticket, please write “Michael DiMucci” in the memo line.
Make checks payable to Christ Church.
Mailing address:  Christ Church 57 Main Street, Swansea, MA 02777

For more information, contact Peggy at pegdeston@aol.com or 508-674-2245

In our Prayers
Let us pray for those who are ill, troubled, or in any need or adversity: Brian Boutin, Tom King, Heather Oliver, Janice & Bill Turner, Lawrence Aubin Jr., Lourdes Melo, Charles Otley, Edith Miranowicz, Olive Ormerod, Susan Pritchard, Michael Fino, Joyce Sokolski,  Richard Perkins, Kristin Frazier, Maureen W., Deborah Hooker, Missie Sokolski, Mark & Vicki Walmsley, Dale Davol, Brian Vieira, Simone Baugh, Joyce Sunderland, Nancy Hall, Bobby Colantonio, Sue Pavao, Anthony Waring, Beverly Silva, Theresa Scott, Mark A., Rosalie George, Dylan Bednarik, Jenny, Ali, Judith Fardig, Donna Triggs, Bob Brown, Richard Soughers, Dorothy P., Claudine Stanton, John Cormier, Kathleen Lomen, Arnold, Mary Lou, Joan, Sharon Johnson, Larry Rancourt, Barbara Pacheco, Jo-ann McDermott, Bogdana LaFlamme, David Pacheco and Holly Baldwin.
In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Parishes of the Concord River Deanery: Church of the Good Shepherd, Acton; St. Andrew’s Church, Ayer; Trinity Church, Concord; St. Andrew’s Church, Framingham; and Margaret Coffin Prayer Book Society
In the Swansea Cycle of Prayer: We pray for our brothers and sisters at Abundant Life Assembly of God.
Let us give thanks for birthdays: Terry Rancourt, Scott Munroe, Reagan Warren, and Ariana Ahern.
Flowers have been given to the Glory of God to enhance the beauty of our worship.  We remember especially, Eleanor Ormerod, in whose memory the altar flowers are given; by Jane Turcotte. The pulpit flowers have been given by John & Judi DeMello, in memory of Isadore & Mary Andrade.
We pray for those who have died in Christ: Robert Bento, Helen Doane and First Lady Barbara Bush.
April 22 Sunday
8:00 am  & 10:00 am           Holy Eucharist
9:00 am                              Outreach Breakfast
April  26Thursday
10:00 am – 12:00 pm          Soup & Seniors
6:00 pm                             Women AA Meeting (closed group)
Serving this week: Minister of Music: Al Deston, Lay Eucharistic Minister: Nancy Teasdale (8:00), Sue Carvalho (10:00),Lector: Jacki Laxon (8:00), Pam Kirkpatrick (10:00), Greeter(s): Chris & Garry Gillett (8:00), Betty Traynor (10:00), Altar Guild: Nancy Teasdale & Sue Sheppard, Counter(s): Sue & Steve Carvalho.
On every other Tuesday- at 6:30pm in church choir room-Weight loss support group HEALTHY WEIGH with Sue Carvalho.  Meeting is under an hour.  No meeting May 1st.
Outreach Committee: On behalf of the Outreach Committee, we thank everyone who contributed household items to the Homeless Project. Judi DeMello and the Outreach Committee
Celebrating Milestones
If you or a parishioner are due to celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary, Please let us know!  We want to celebrate!!!

Welcome to Christ Church!
Please feel free to participate fully in our service today and in the life of the parish.
We are glad when you come and hope you leave feeling closer to God!
Also, know that you are invited to fully participate in the Holy Eucharist as a Baptized Christian.All who seek God and are drawn to Christ, are welcome at the Lord’s table.  
We are a joyful community celebrating Jesus Christ.
Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.
508-678-0923 church office or christchurchswansea@yahoo.com ,
Church Office: Leslie Lemire.
Christ Church
57 Main Street
Swansea, MA 02777
Rector: Fralan@verizon.net, cell 508-505-5668
Christ Episcopal Church, 57 Main Street, Swansea , MA 02777
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