Weekly Chimes, November 4, 2017

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Christ Church

Swansea, MA

Don’t forget to “Fall Back” one hour tonight.  Enjoy the extra shuteye.  Blessed dreams!
Fr. al
Community Thanksgiving Service
Please join the churches of Swansea and Somerset for a Thanksgiving Service, Tuesday November 21st at 7pm at CHRIST CHURCH.
A combined choir will be directed by Al Deston, III.

We could use some help organizing refreshments following the service in the Parish House.  Please contact Father Al if you are able to help.

Confirmation Class and Adult Episcopal Class 101 offered.
Confirmation Class will begin with an introductory meeting at Church of Our Savior, Somerset, November 5th at 11:30.  Classes will rotate between Christ Church, Church of Our Savior (Somerset) and Holy Spirit (Fall River).  Open to all youth 7th grade to 12th grade.  Contact Father Al for more information.


Episcopal 101 will begin meeting soon.  If you are an adult interested in learning more about the Episcopal Church please see Father Al.  This is also the course needed to be received into the Episcopal Church, Reaffirmed into the Episcopal faith or Adult Confirmation into the Episcopal Church.  See Father Al for more information! 

In our Prayers
Let us pray for those who are ill, troubled, or in any need or adversity: Ellen Mockas, Brian Boutin, Tom King, Heather Oliver, Janice & Bill Turner, Lawrence Aubin Jr., Lourdes Melo, Vicki Piazza, Charles Otley, Edith Miranowicz, Bob MacGregor, Olive Ormerod, Susan Pritchard, Michael Fino, Joyce Sokolski, Richard Perkins, Kristin Frazier, Maureen W., Deborah Hooker, Missie Sokolski, Mark & Vicki Walmsley, Dale Davol, Brian Vieira, Simone Baugh, Joyce Sunderland, Nancy Hall, Bobby Colantonio, Sue Pavao, Debra Barbosa, Anthony Waring, Beverly Silva, Theresa Scott, Mark A., Rosalie George, Dylan Bednarik, Jenny, Ali, Judith Fardig, Donna Triggs, Bob Brown, Richard Soughers, Raymond & B. Joyce Dube, Dorothy P., Claudine Stanton, John Cormier, and Kathleen Lomen.
In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Parishes of the South Shore Deanery: Trinity Church, Rockland; St. Luke’s Church, Scituate; Church of the Holy Nativity, South Weymouth; All Saints’ Church, Whitman; and The Diocesan Convention.

In the Swansea Cycle of Prayer:

We pray for our sisters and brothers at Bay Community Baptist Church.

Let us give thanks for birthdays

: Bradford Morse, William Mitchell, Charles Reed, III, Carol Taylor, Molly McMahon, Mercedes Baker, Kelsey Hasting, and Nathaniel Gifford,

We pray for those who have died in Christ:

Esther Mello & Michael Heffernan.
Flowers have been given to the Glory of God to enhance the beauty of our worship. We remember especially, William & Jean Nault, in whose memory the pulpit flowers are given by Paula Rivers.

Serving On Sunday:

Organist: Julie Sanders, Lay Eucharistic Minister: Alan Scott (10:00),
Lector: Bruce Simbro (8:00), Pam Kirkpatrick (10:00), Altar Guild: Cathy Hague.
 Christ Church Christmas Fair
December 3rd will be filled with wonderful opportunities at Christ Church!
Christ Church Crafters Fair,
Christ Church Baker’s Guild Bake Sale,
Christ church Luncheon Canteen – 9am-1pm 
Celtic Christmas Concert 3pm followed by a reception in the Parish House.
Christ Church

57 Main Street
Swansea, MA 02777

508-678-0923 | Rector: Fralan@verizon.net, cell 508-505-5668
Christ Episcopal Church, 57 Main Street, Swansea , MA 02777
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