Weekly Chimes, Pentecost 4– 2017

Christ Church ~ Swansea, MA

“For the Nation” (BCP p.258)

Lord God Almighty, you have made all the peoples of the earth for your glory, to serve you in freedom and in peace:
Give to the people of our country a zeal for justice and the strength of forbearance, that we may use our liberty in accordance with your gracious will; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Christ Church, Church of Our Savior and Church of the Holy Spirit plan a fall retreat!

“Know and Be Known: By God and One Another”

God promises that each of us is known by name. The heart of church is the experience of knowing and being known, deepening our relationships with God and one another. As Christians, we are called to share this gift, constantly expanding the circle of those we claim as our neighbors and our friends.

See Father Al about the October gathering at the Barbara C. Harris Camp and Conference Center this Sunday.

Christ Church
Vestry and Leadership

Rick Kirkpatrick and Susan Pavao

Bruce Simbro

Jacki Bates

Vestry Members
Susanna Baker,
Bruce Baldwin
Muriel Driscoll,
Cathy Hague,
Christina Peterson,
Shirley Stasiowski.

Financial Clerk-
Nancy Teasdale

Delegates to Diocesan Convention-
Peggy and Al Deston

Delegate to Mount Hope/Buzzard’s Bay Deanery-
Carole Aubin

Memorial Flowers: 
If you interesting in placing flowers on the altar or the pulpit for a Sunday service we have quite a few dates available.
The altar will is available: August 6th, and September 3rd.
The pulpit is available: July 16th, July 23rd, August 6th, August 13th, August 27th, September 3rd, September 10th, and September 17 and 24.
Please contact Leslie at christchurchswansea@yahoo.com if you are interested in any of the above dates.
Here is a submission for our “From the Pews” segment.  If you have a submission, please don’t hesitate to email me.
Have a safe and wonderful Independence Day!

Fr. Alan


From the Pews

Free to be ME!

 by parishioner, Sue Carvalho
I grew up in the Methodist religion and my husband grew up in the Roman Catholic Church, so when we decided to get married I wanted to be married by a Priest or Minister in a church setting.  Steve felt it was important to be a part of and active members of the community we were to be married at, as well.  We “shopped” around, attended a number of different denominational services, and listened to a number of varied sermons, for a few months, and eventually decided on Christ Church and the Episcopalian religion.  It seemed to be a great compromise for us both.
Why do I love our church so much?  I am free to be me…….ALL are accepted and, at Christ Church, we don’t give lip service…we welcome ALL to our family.
It really warms my heart how the dynamics of Christ Church have evolved over the years. We have seen the word “family” encompass a different dynamic than what we may have been accustomed to in the past.  The diversity is heartwarming and has given me an opportunity to meet people from various life’s situations, yet, we ALL feel welcome and safe at Christ Church, in being… who we are meant to be.
Growing up a “square peg” and NOT quite fitting in that “round hole”…I am happy to say I like me, just the way I am in all my quirkiness.  It feels good to be an Episcopalian in a Church filled with a newer and progressive definition of the word “family”.  I like that we now define family, not only as husband and wife, but, wife and wife, or husband and husband, and that “single”, with or without children, is still family. There are grandparents as primary caregivers, husbands who stay home and take care of the children and everything else in between.
Free to be ME! ……I couldn’t be happier……

Harvest Festival 2017
Our next meeting for the Christ Church Parish Harvest Festival is July 11th at 6pm prior to the Vestry meeting in the Parish House.  Please plan to attend!
White Elephant;  Friday Collections
Beginning on July 7th from 6pm-8pm, please bring your White Elephant items.
NO computers, TV’s, printers, microwave ovens, nothing with mold or dirty items are accepted.  Thank you for your understanding.

Anyone interested in volunteering to assist in any of these areas should contact the appropriate chair as follows:

Treasurer          Bruce Simbro
Boosters:           Marsha Gauthier
Harvester:          ………..
Antique Consignment Auction:
                         Ted Yates &  Fr. Al
Baked Goods:  Jackie Laxton
Books & Media:
                        Chris Gillette & Muriel Driscoll
White Elephant: Shirley Stasiowski
Country Store:   Cathy Hague
Gift Basket Silent Auction: Jennifer Valiente
Crafts:              Carol Turner
Entertainment:  Al Deston
Food:                Father Al, Sue Pavao,
Children’s Games: Christina Peterson
Cash Raffle:      Alan & Erica Scott
Ice Cream:        Sue Baker
Publicity:           Peggy Deston
Tents, etc.:       Fr. Al, Rick Kirkpatrick, Ted Yates, Bruce Baldwin
            There will be some changes this year including a consignment antique auction with items from sources other than the Parish. Parishioners who wish may include items either by donation or for consignment with the option of receiving most of the sale proceeds with a percentage going to the Church and auctioneer.  It is hoped that we will attract a much wider audience and higher quality of items to be auctioned as a result.
            There will also be changes to the food offerings that are in the planning stages.
Peace from the Wardens
                                  Rick & Sue

Let us pray for those who are ill, troubled, or in any need or adversity:  Ellen Mockas, Brian Boutin, Tom King, Heather Oliver, Janice & Bill Turner, Lawrence Aubin Jr., Lourdes Melo, Vicki Piazza, Charles Otley, Edith Miranowicz, Raymond W. Dube, Jr., Bob MacGregor, Olive Ormerod, Susan Pritchard, Michael Fino, Joyce Sokolski, Richard Perkins, Kristin Frazier, Maureen W., Deborah Hooker, Missie Sokolski, Mark & Vicki Walmsley, Dale Davol, Brian Vieira, Simone Baugh, Joyce Sunderland, Nancy Hall, Bobby Colantonio, Sue Pavao, Michael Heffernan, Debra Barbosa, Anthony Waring, Beverly Silva, Theresa Scott, Mark A., Rosalie George, Dylan Bednarik, Jenny, Ali, Judith Fardig, Donna Moore, Donna Triggs, Bob Brown, Richard Soughers, and Esther Mello.
In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Parishes of the Mt. Hope-Buzzards Bay Deanery: Grace Church, New Bedford; St. Andrew’s Church, New Bedford; St. Martin’s Church, New Bedford; Barbara C. Harris Camp & Conference Center; and Parish Historians.
In the Swansea Cycle of Prayer: We pray for our brothers and sisters at St. Dominic’s Church.
Let us give thanks for birthdays: Sharon Furtado, Elaine Gray, Andeen Dinham, and Georgia Cleary.
We pray for those who have died in Christ: Rudy Pfulh and Carl Yates.
Flowers are given to the Glory of God to enhance the beauty of our worship. We remember especially, Russell & Estelle Teasdale, in whose memory the altar flowers are given by Nancy Teasdale.
The pulpit flowers are given by The Yates’ amily in memory of Clifford Barton Grime.
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