Christ Church Cemetery

Christ Church Cemetery Rules And Regulations

Christ Church Cemetery is a final resting-place available to members of the Christ Church family.

The bodies of the faithfully departed rest near the place where they once worshipped. Christ Church’s Cemetery is not a commercial cemetery, but a house of worship with an adjoining cemetery. This is to be a quiet respectful place for solitude.    

A Brief History

Two years after the establishment of Christ Church, 1846, one of the actions of the new parish was to lay out a cemetery and to establish a committee to oversee the running and maintaining of the cemetery.

In 1954 the first expansion added 159 graves to the original cemetery. A second expansion was in 1977; the last addition was at the end of the 20th century. More recently the cemetery committee planned for and oversaw a project that planted trees, placed granite benches in two lovely locations, had a planter built, and named some of the cemetery’s “streets” after deceased Christ Church rectors, which are indicated by attractive signposts.

The cemetery is still overseen by the Cemetery Committee, which is appointed by the Vestry at the annual meeting.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord; even so saith the Spirit, for they rest from their labors.

Book of Common Prayer, 469

Burial Lots

1. Parishioners desiring to purchase a deed should contact a member of the Cemetery Committee or the Christ Church office.

2. The price of lots may be secured from the Cemetery Committee or the Church Office.

3. Four, two and single lots are available. The size of each grave lot is 4 x 10 feet.

4. No more than four crematory urns will be allowed to be buried in a single grave lot.

5. Deeds will not be issued until the lot is paid for in full.

6. The Holder of the Deed is not permitted to sell his or her lot.

7. Holders of Deed may give to the Cemetery Committee the Deed if the Deed Holder no longer wishes to utilize the burial lot. The Cemetery Committee will not repurchase the burial lot.

8. All lots are under perpetual care.



• Christ Church Cemetery is responsible for the opening of a grave, the backfilling of the grave following burial services, loaming and seeding.

• A maximum of four human cremains are permitted in a single lot. Flush markers shall be permitted per each cremains. Flush markers cannot be any larger than 24 inches by 12 inches.

• Interments will be performed Monday through Saturday except for holiday observations.

• No interments on National holidays, Church observed holidays or Sundays. Rector has discretion with any exceptions.

• A minimum of 2 business day’s notice to the Cemetery Committee is required to schedule a burial.

• Dependent upon winter conditions, interments usually can be performed in cold weather months. Dealing with frozen ground may result in additional costs.

• In unusual very severe winters, the Cemetery Committee retains the right to suspend burials until ground conditions permit. No interments will be performed within 24 hours following a snowstorm.

• Disinterment shall be considered in unique circumstances. Requests shall be presented to the Cemetery Committee in writing, providing the reason for the request and the future location of the excavated remains. Cost shall be per fee schedule.

• Graveside services must be completed no later than 2:00pm on weekdays and 1:00 pm on Saturdays. Activities at the cemetery later than said times will result in additional charges. The Rector will make the final determination.


Should the Cemetery Committee make an error in the location of an interment, it shall maintain the right to correct the error by relocation of the remains of any person to another suitable lot. Should an error be made in the conveyance of a lot by the Committee, a suitable substitute shall be offered to the owner. The Cemetery Committee shall not be held liable for any such error.

All requests for variations of Monuments/Markers or General Rules must be submitted in writing and be approved or rejected by the Christ Church Cemetery Committee.

Only approved contractors are permitted to have access to the cemetery and provide service.



• Monuments shall be constructed of the following materials only: granite, marble, natural stone, or bronze.

• A single monument is permitted on a single grave. A flat foot maker is permitted on each grave.

• A single grave monument is limited to a maximum width of 30 inches x 42 high.

• Multiple lots are limited to a maker of a maximum width of 42 inches x 42 high.

• Monument height shall not exceed 42 inches above ground level.. This height measurement includes the base.

• Flat grave markers must be set flush with the grade. The size of the marker shall not exceed 24 inches in length and 12 inches in width.

• All monuments shall be placed on concrete foundations. Foundation size shall be 6 inches larger in width and depth than the monument.

• The design and installation of monuments is permitted upon Cemetery Committee approval.

• Veteran Markers shall be permitted in all areas of the cemetery subject to the monument rule.

• Christ Church Cemetery Committee is not responsible for the basic upkeep of each monument.


General Rules

1. The cemetery is open, dawn to dusk.

2. No persons are permitted to injure or disturb trees, shrubs or flowers.

3. The grade of lots shall not be changed.

4. Flowers shall be placed upon the graves in proper receptacles.

5. Flame candles are not allowed.

6. Flowers, wreaths, potted plants and artificial flowers will be removed as soon as possible after they fade or become unsightly.

7. Flowerbeds planted in conformity with the Rules must be cared for. Perpetual Care includes mowing, trimming, keeping lot at proper grade, reseeding and sodding, but does not include the care of flower beds.

8. Plantings will be removed if not properly maintained.

9. The Cemetery Committee will not be responsible for vases and mementos left upon graves.

10. Annual flowers may be planted, provided that they are contained within the width of the monument and that they extend no more than 6 inches from the monument. All flowers must be planted in the ground. Neglected plants will be removed.

11. The planting of shrubs and trees on any gravesite is strictly prohibited.

12. Any trees, shrubs or bushes that were previously approved become dangerous, unsightly or inconvenient in the judgement of the Cemetery Committee shall be removed.

13. Small temporary potted plants will be allowed for the two week period following Independence Day, Memorial Day, Easter and Christmas.

14. Fences and borders are not permitted on gravesites.

15. Prohibited from gravesites; glass items of any nature, vases, jars, candles, balloons, spinners and flags, except for the American flag and/or Public Safety flags.

16. Items placed at the gravesite which do not comply with the cemetery regulations, including any items which reflect bad taste or which may be deemed inappropriate or which are not attached to the monuments, shall be removed without notice.

17. The Cemetery Committee is not responsible for vandalism or theft.

18. Veterans flag holders and flags are available from the Swansea Veterans’ Agent. Worn flags will be removed.


To be considered for purchase of burial lots, the purchaser must be a Member of Record of Christ Church. Definition of a Member of Record the church: based upon the last 12 months, as determined by the rector in consultation with the Christ Church wardens



Sec. 6. Constitution/By-Laws The constitution or bylaws of each mission, summer chapel and parish shall provide for an annual meeting of members of the congregation at which officers and vestry members shall be elected as therein provided. Each constitution or bylaw shall provide

that any baptized person of age sixteen years or more who declares his or her intention to support the mission, summer chapel or parish by regular attendance at public worship and by financial aid shall be eligible for membership and entitled to vote at meetings of the members of the congregation.



 Current Member of Record

Single burial lot $750

Double burial lot $1500

Four burial lots $3000

Former Member of Record

Single burial lot $1050

Double burial lot $2100

Four burial lots $4200

Prices are subject to change without notice.

 To open and close graves

     Full burial – $850
     Cremation – $450
     Weekend – add $50.


Christ Church Cemetery Committee

Judy Fardig

Julia Baker

Elaine Grey

John McMullin, Sue McMullin

Charles Otley

Patricia (Pat) Redfern

Edwin (Ted) Yates

The Reverend Alan R. Hesse, Rector (ex officio)


These rules and regulations where adopted by the

Christ Church Cemetery Committee


May 25, 2017

And approved by the Christ Church Vestry


June 13, 2017



For more information on purchase of a grave or any questions, please contact the Parish Office. 


Christ Church

57 Main Street

Swansea, MA 02777

Church Office: 508-678-0923